TCU Boxes

Students, faculty and staff can rent TCU Post Office Boxes. The U.S. Postal Service does not deliver to dorms or TCU street addresses. When you rent a post office box at our facility, you can receive letters and packages to your TCU Box. Mail sent to non-renters is returned to sender as unknown.

Rental Fee

Rent a TCU Box for $55 a year. The fee covers the period from May 15th through the following spring semester. If you rent a box any time during the year, the fee is $55 and the rental period terminates May 15th. For your convenience your TCU box will be automatically renewed each year.

How to Rent a Box

Log on to my.tcu.edu. Select the ‘Student Services Task’ tile. Click on Request PO Box. Click YES. Click SAVE. TCU boxes will be automatically renewed each year.


TCU Boxes are for receiving personal mail only. No business may be operated out of a TCU Box.For more shipping advice, click here.

Closing a TCU Box

When closing a TCU Box, you must fill out a forwarding card at the TCU Post Office. **Exception**--During the renewal/closing period (usually mid April until last day of finals), you can close your box online on your Student Homepage. Just click on the Student Services tile and choose Close Post Office Box and follow the directions.

Why Rent a TCU Box?

Many students rent a TCU Box as freshman and continue to rent the same box the entire time they are attending TCU. This allows them to maintain the same mailing address, no matter how often they change physical addresses. In addition, many students will ship household items and clothes to their TCU Box starting July 1st. We will hold packages in a secure and accessible location at the Post Office for pickup on the day of arrival.